go90 Releases New “Crashed” Episode with Meg DeAngelis (MayBaby)

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Episode 6 (3/9/17) – Sleepover Crash – features Meg DeAngelis (known for her popular YouTube channel, MayBaby) who turns a typical slumber party with a group of high school girlfriends into a once-in-a-lifetime evening with their idol. I shot the episode for Director, Jared Seltzer.

-Jared (pictured below) also directed Episode 2 of Crashed, “Dinner Party Crash,” featuring members of All-Time Low.


-For the early episodes, Director, David Crabtree, and Director of Photography, Gavin Kelly, employed steadicam and handheld cameras for all of the interviews. I kept that consistent throughout my episodes as well.


-While the interviews may not have been a Steadicam Operator’s dream, John Brankin had some opportunities for fun moves in the patio with the firepit.


-Be sure to watch the other episodes of “Crashed” on go90!


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